Green and Blue Border Surveillance

Green and blue border surveillance means all activities and operations carried out by official authorities at land, maritime and air borders to prevent persons from circumventing the official border crossing points in order to evade checks and illegally enter a state area.

Some States may have difficulties in providing adequate green and blue border surveillance particularly those with mountainous, steep land borders, harsh climatic conditions and long sea and river borders.

The vulnerability of their borders affects regional security in general by making possible relatively risk free transit of criminal commodities through their territories and potentially providing a safe haven not only for illegal immigrants and criminals, but also terrorists and violent extremists who may wish to come and go across their borders without detection.

Those countries need to improve their capacities significantly to meet the challenges it faces and to ensure security, stability and safety.

border21 provides services, inter alia, in the following areas:

  • provides know-how and experts for carrying out field assessments in terms of gap analysis and needs assessments to enhance green and blue border surveillance capacities.
  • supports the establishment of coordination mechanisms between and amongst the various border management agencies to enhance intra- and inter-agency cooperation, standard operating procedures, management/command and control, information/intelligence collection, training and further education.
  • facilitates the implementation of an efficient and effective system of control measures and high standards for green and blue border surveillance in close coordination and cooperation with the neighbouring State/s.