Recognition of Forged Travel Documents and Visa

The training program is to increase operational expertise in detecting forged travel and identification (ID) documents at border control points for control staff from border agencies and other relevant law enforcement agencies related to border control and national security.

Specialised training courses aim to enhance expertise in the detection of counterfeit passports, ID cards, visa and breeder documents1. This is an inevitable competence of border control officers to identify terrorist fighters and dangerous criminals, fight against cross-border organised crime, combat irregular migration including trafficking in human beings and people smuggling, international car theft, contraband as well as other cross-border related crimes.

Highly qualified training experts are basing their specialised training on booklets approved by the EU; the training handouts will be translated into the national language where the specialised training course will be provided.

The specialised training courses may be complementary and build upon previous training modules provided to border officials by other international organisations related to the EU integrated border management model.

border21 offers support in four main areas related to document security:

  • providing know-how to law enforcement practitioners in terms of latest technologies for passport and ID document production, including biometric identifiers.
  • strengthening awareness for improving the integrity of handling and issuance systems to improve the process of issuing e-passports, visa and ID documents.
  • encouraging border agencies to report all instances of lost and stolen travel documents to Interpol, as well as supporting the implementation of technical platforms at border control points to provide first-line law enforcement officers with a real-time connection to Interpol’s databases (SLTD, I-24/7).
  • improving cross-border cooperation to exchange information and trends on the detection of falsified and fraudulent documents and visa.