Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Many countries face similar threats to the security of their citizens and way of life. Hence, states have an increased interest in a secure neighbourhood and in the security of friends and allies around the world.

border21 sets out key issues that form part of the government’s vision for potential future partnerships focusing on security, public safety and order, law enforcement and criminal justice. In order to tackle identified threats, and work towards common objectives, it is vital that countries’ law enforcement agencies maintain and strengthen their close collaboration in these areas.

All countries bring capabilities and expertise in security, the delivery of justice and the fight against organised crime, terrorism and FTFs, based on their national policies, legislation and good practices developed. International cooperation at operational level to strengthen internal security takes place on a daily basis at multiple levels: at the EU level, bilaterally with Member States, and through non-EU multilateral platforms. These mechanisms are very important tools to facilitate cooperation between law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities working across borders and complement countries’ capabilities developed with its partners.

At present, many countries enhance collaboration through a range of good practices and measures developed that facilitates cooperation in the areas of rule of law, prevention of transnational threats, averting danger, public safety and order, law enforcement and criminal justice, information management and data sharing mechanisms, inter-agency cooperation arrangements between law enforcement agencies concerned.

border21 has been instrumental in the development and implementation of many of these functioning practices and instruments. It is through pooling expertise and assistance with partners that border21 has been able to develop some of the most sophisticated cross-border cooperation strategies, action plans and good practices in preventing transnational threats and effectively fighting cross-border organised crime.

With threats evolving faster than ever before, it is in the clear interest of border21 to facilitate closest possible cooperation between relevant actors in tackling terrorism and FTFs, transnational organised crime and other threats to security now and into the future.

border21 provides expertise to design new, dynamic arrangements as part of future partnerships that should allow involved parties to continue and strengthen their close cooperation in the fields of IBM, national security, law enforcement and criminal justice, drawing on long-standing shared traditions in terms of rule of law, including respect for human rights and dignity, democracy and good governance.