Cross-border Operational Interventions

border21 has developed a specialised training program focusing on how intra-agency and inter-agency cooperation can be improved between law enforcement agencies to counter terrorism, stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters and combat cross-border organized crime. Additional attention is given to uncontrolled cross-border movements of organized crime groups that are connected to terrorist activities.

Participants will be trained how to assess critical situations in the context of law enforcement management and leadership on the basis of initial information, which needs further inquiries and analyses. Further, they will be familiarised on how to assess a situation, develop tactical targets and appropriate measures to enable them to make adequate decisions and to transfer these decisions into an effective operational plan.

border21 trainers will instruct trainees on how to coordinate cross-border operational interventions between relevant law enforcement agencies in terms of effective inter-agency cooperation. Training modules will present in detail how to establish functional communication channels with national and neighbouring law enforcement agencies for professional and timely information exchange.

The program involves a table-top exercise that serves to explore and identify potential gaps and needs in the areas of states’ human resource management, organisation, education and training, border surveillance and IT equipment related issues. Furthermore, the training will also focus on improving operational workflow methods with regards to inter-agency cooperation, at the national, regional and international level.

Finally, the table-top exercise will serve to improve participant’s understanding with regard to common challenges faced by neighbouring countries in relation to integrated border management, as well as how to prevent transnational threats and effectively combat terrorism and FTFs and cross-border organised crime.