Change Management and Security Sector Reforms

The program aims to improve the managerial capacities and capabilities of senior law enforcement managers, both from national police services and border police or border guards. The modules will introduce modern, effective and target oriented management standards and leadership styles in alignment with EU acquis, international human rights standards and functioning practices developed.

border21 provides services as follows:

  • provides international experts and trainers to introduce modern police management and leadership and communication standards to interested law enforcement agencies.
  • provides technical assistance in the development of curricula and implementation of training programs through sharing of latest developed academic know-how and best practices based on lessons learned.
  • integrates relevant law enforcement agencies to improve interaction and the ex-change of information with regard to enhance intra- and inter-agency cooperation.
  • offers support to law enforcement agencies interested in change management and communication through the organization of study visits and on-the-job training.
  • helps to organize and moderate events at cross-border cooperation level.